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Can I walk-in without an appointment?

You certainly can, but we can’t guarantee that we will have the availability to serve you. We highly recommend you call to schedule an appointment, or book on-line.

What is your cancellation policy? 

Cancellations and no-shows are the single biggest cause of lost revenue for any salon. To counter these losses, many salon owners raise their service prices, but we don’t consider that a fair practice. (Why should you have to pay more because someone else was inconsiderate of our time?) For this reason, we have strict policies to keep these losses from impacting our business. Should you need to cancel, please do so at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. We will waive the cancellation fee completely, as this notice gives us plenty of time to fill the appointment slot. No-shows and cancellations made with notice of fewer than 24 hours will be charged in full.

Can you accommodate late arrivals?

If we have the availability, we totally will. However, we respect our clients’ time, which is why clients who arrive late will have their services abbreviated. (We don’t think it’s fair to inconvenience our prompt clients by extending service times for late clients.) Clients who arrive 15 minutes or more after their scheduled appointment time will have their appointment rescheduled and will be charged the full cancellation fee. If late arrivals, late cancellations, and no-shows become a habit, these clients may be required to pre-pay for their services at the time of booking.

What is your policy on kids?

We love children, but the salon isn’t a child-proof space. Additionally, they distract our team and may disrupt other clients. To accommodate our busy moms and dads, we allow children to accompany their parents to their nail appointments if they are well-behaved. (For their safety, children aren’t permitted in the bathroom alone) We understand that sitters cancel sometimes, so we do try to make every effort to accommodate those last-minute disasters when possible, so long as you notify us ahead of your arrival.

What payment methods to you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express) and Debit Cards with the Visa or Master Card Logo.  APW has a strict NO CASH payment policy.  To help save cost to the clients we make it a best practice to email receipts instead of printed ones.

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